Music Ministry

In Psalm 33, we are exhorted to sing new songs to the Lord, with a variety of instruments and sounds. Based on this, several singers and musicians of the community, both young and the not so young, teamed up to form the music ministry, to inspire joy, praise and worship in the hearts of the worshipers, by way of making music and singing anointed songs that touch their hearts.

The music ministry provides its services for every community event that includes a time of praise & worship. They include the prayer meetings, parish outreaches, seasonal programs, family gatherings and one-off programs. The ministry usually meets on Tuesdays for practices. Sometimes the ministry conducts weekend programs, where we get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time with the Lord in order to build a deeper spirituality.

Join Us

If you are inspired to join us and use your talents to glorify the Lord, please send us an email.