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The Community of the Risen Lord in Melbourne had its humble beginnings when Lal and Anusha (CRL members from Kandy), together with their children migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2006.Once they arrived, they attempted to start a prayer meeting. This however was met by many negative responses and no avenue seemed to open up. It was at this time that Lal was diagnosed with cancer and they had to face a situation they had not anticipated. Through this storm, they held on to God's promise and prayed for a miracle. Finally, even though it took time, not only did God do a miracle, He also used this as a powerful testimony to touch the hearts of people and start a small prayer meeting.

Soon after, a few families along with Lal and Anusha began meeting together for a time of prayer. They prayed with the four steps and the little group began experiencing many miracles in their lives. As their numbers grew the group moved into a Church in Dandenong. It was at this time, in 2007, that Bro. Lalith suggested that the Four Steps retreat be conducted in Melbourne. While this was amazing and exciting time of preparation, the families faced many difficulties in commencing the first retreat. However after fasting and prayer they were able to have the first retreat with the assistance of Fr John Allen and another Charismatic prayer group of the Sale Diocese.

When we asked the Parish Priest if he had extra chairs (we wanted to put as many seats as possible), he laughed and told us that not even for Christmas did the church need extra chairs. However on the second day of the retreat the crowds filled in so much we needed all the extra chairs to accommodate them. The Lord's presence was so powerfully present during those days. During the retreat an 8 year old boy who was born deaf was healed. A 40 year old gentleman who had been on a pacemaker since pre-teen years and suffered from chronic depression was healed and his heart beat went back to normal. A man who suffered panic attacks when he spoke to more than 3 people stood in front of hundreds of people and testified that he was healed. Non Catholic spouses who had come to drop their partners were drawn in and experienced the Lord in a tangible way. The community numbers continued to increase and the Lord opened many doors for us. We did not have sound equipment, instruments or musicians and many people thought we did not have the resources to have large meetings. However one day a couple walked into our meeting with an organ, a mixer, 2 speakers and 2 microphones. They said they did not know why they brought the equipment but thought that we might need them.

In this way, the Lord continued to provide for all the needs of the community and continued to work signs and wonders amongst us and took us into a deeper journey with Him. During the second retreats that was conducted in Melbourne, Fr. John Allen introduced the CRL to Archbishop Christopher Prowse and since 2008, the Archbishop has been the Patron of the CRL in Melbourne, giving us his fullest support and encouragement.

In 2008 the CRL was accepted by the Melbourne Catholic Charismatic Renewal and they support us each year for the retreats. Every year the Lord opens new doors and opportunities for us to minister to others, to bring the good news to those around us and share His love, joy and peace with our brothers and sisters. The retreats are now conducted annually together with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Sale and the Charismatic prayer group in Narre Warren, with thousands attending. Since 2007, our weekly meeting and ministries have expanded and we can truly see the hand of the Lord and His favour upon us.

In December 2014, the CRL Melbourne conducted a Christmas event "When Love was Born", where we invited people to celebrate Christmas with a difference through praise and worship. Every state in Australia joined together for this event and we truly experienced the amazing love and presence of God.

In 2016, the CRL conducted an Easter programme "Be Lifted High" which was done in collaboration with the different charismatic prayer groups in Melbourne. It was beautiful to witness all the groups coming together as one to glorify the Lord. Through this programme the Lord has opened many doors for the CRL within the diocese and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. Please get in touch with us via the contact details below and join us for our meetings.

Details of prayer meeting

Weekly praise and worship-live message by Bro. Lalith Perera via Skype,
held every Friday at St.Michael's Parish Hall (119 High Street, Berwick, Vic, 3806) at 7.15 pm.

Ministries- Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adults Ministry, Couples Ministry, Hospital Ministry

Contact Information

Lal (+61 432 285 622), Anusha (+61 433 774 449), Kirk (+61 430 945 959),
Hashika (+61 415 737 154) e-mail -

Be Lifted High


Youth & Young Adults

When Love Was Born