For when I was sick you cared for me

The volunteers who belong to the ministry, visit patients in all hospitals in the city, especially those in the National Hospital, Colombo. The volunteers reach out to any patient who welcomes them regardless of cast or creed. Most of them come from far off places in the country. They seek comfort and consolation in their suffering and pain. The volunteers show care and concern for them and give them hope by drawing their attention to the healing power of Jesus.

When prayer requests for the sick are received at our administrative office ‘Tabor’, patient information is passed down to the volunteers, who then visit the sick and pray for them during intercessory prayer meetings

visiting hospitals

The volunteer group visits hospitals during visiting hours of 12 noon to 1.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm on week days (with the permission of the nurse in charge of the ward). This group also visits homes for the aged, mental hospitals, orphanages, leprosy and cancer hospitals on a monthly basis.

Some patients just need someone to listen to their problems while others want a loving hand to give them comfort. Through the volunteers many have met Christ. When the need arises, the hospital chaplains are informed, are directed to those who wish to make their confession and receive communion.

Join Us

If you want to volunteer for this misnistry or would like the ministry to visit a sick person known to you, please contact us. .