The Medical Emergency Fund

The medical emergency projects ministry aims to reach out to those who need financial assistance for urgent medical problems, regardless of age, gender, caste or creed.

The Sovereign Lord has filled me with His Spirit
He has chosen me and sent me
to bring good news to the poor,
To heal the broken-hearted,
To announce the release of captives
And freedom to those in prison
He has sent me to proclaim that the time has come
When the Lord will save His people and defeat their enemies.
He has sent me to comfort all those who mourn.
To give those who mourn in Zion Joy and gladness instead of grief
A song of praise instead of sorrow.
Isaiah 61:1-3

reaching out to those in need

These words of the holy prophet Isaiah, foretelling the arrival of the Messiah and His love, joy, peace and hope constantly inspire us to reach out to those in need such as those who who need funds for urgent medical problems.

Some have so much to waste on frivolities, while others do not even have the means for the basics of life. Often, financial assistance can make the difference between life and death. In assisting people with medical needs, we have been able to share God’s love with them to the extent that they have been touched and transformed by the Lord, not only physically, but also spiritually….many of them being non-Christians.

Join Us

If the Lord has inspired your heart to be a blessing to another, please contact us and make your gift offering.