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Praise the Lord Brother/ Sister, We warmly welcome you to our website. The Community of the Risen Lord is a place where we experience and share the love of God. To some it’s a place to growth - a place to go deeper into the catholic faith and to others a place where they have a life changing encounter with the Living Christ.

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We extend an open invitation to join us at our praise and worship programmes, where we come together to listen to the word of God, learn about the spirituality of the saints, develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic sacramental life, and to praise and worship the Lord Jesus in music & song.

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Over the years we have been blessed to see the mighty hand of God upon our ministry. Thousands have experienced the Living Christ and have found great purpose and meaning in their lives. Our goal is not only to spread the word of God to the ends of the world, but also to take Christians into a deep inner journey with Christ.

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So that in all things God may be glorified...

4 Step Retreat Colombo

On the 25th and 26th of March the CRL conducted The 4 Steps Retreat in Colombo. We experienced a fresh annointing as many were touched and healed on these two days

4 Step Retreat for Priests in the Paramatta Diocese, Sydney

February 16th & 17th were very special days in the CRL history that the Lord made, where for the first time the CRL conducted a 4 Step Retreat for Priests in the Paramatta Diocese, Sydney, along with Bishop Prowse.

Mission Trip to Australia 2017 - February

The CRL team was in Australia in February conducting 4 Steps retreats, and other special prgrams. It was infact the 10 year annniversary of the CRL Melbourne.

Servers Retreat - January

It was a great weekend when the CRL servers from all around Sri Lanka gathered together to discern the heart of God for our mission for the year 2017. Close 600 servers attended the two-day retreat

New Program for addicts - February

CRL launched a brand new ministry for the those addicted to variouse substances. The ministry conducts a meeting once a month, with the mission to give a God experience to those subjected to substance abuse

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